Art Heroes

In April 2013, senior students and staff from the DSA Print Laboratory took off for a camping experience and print workshop at the ‘Goatshed’  in Kyeburn Diggings, Central Otago.

@ the goatshed

@ the goatshed

Large scale collagraphs with the theme ‘Art Heroes’ were produced using backing boards rescued from the closure of the Trents spice, herb and baking goods processing plant in Dunedin and recycled cardboard. Day one out on the lawn was sunny and warm so good progress was made on assembling the collagraphs. The temperature dived with rain that evening, so day two was spent printing on top of the pool table inside the shed with great results. Thanks go to Neil Emmerson for organising the project and Steev Peyroux for his technical support.

Art Heroes 2013, collagraphs printed on cotton fabric, 120 x 100 cm

The prints were displayed hanging from a clothesline at the DSA Print Studio and at the ‘Audacious’ event, Sargood Centre. The works have been sewn together into a large banner and sent to MIT, Auckland for another showing.

Images below featuring, in descending order, works in progress with Georgia Shearer-Schultz, Steev Peyroux and Sophie Prinselaar-Smith

The surrealist cut

The surrealist cut

Monet captures the light

Monet captures the light


Andy Warhol ‘between the sheets’


The ‘Art Heroes’ project installation for the Audacious event at the Sargood Centre, formerly the Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Installation view Sargood Centre

The final piece was stitched together into a large banner

The final piece was stitched together into a large banner

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