SITE 2020

Congratulations to our successful print student graduates who participated in SITE20 with a diverse variety of print and installation outcomes. Despite the limitations of lockdown, the students worked really hard to put on a grand display of works.

Sam Mitchell (BVA Honours) presented an extended performance complete with merchandising in her unsuccessful SOAP political party campaign during an election year.

Maisie Robinson (BVA Honours) responded to the COVID lockdown with her Housebound series of screenprints and wallpaper.

Teresa Bernard (BVA) completed a screenprint series of colourful close-ups commenting on everyday paraphernalia associated with ‘touch’.

Dana Cavanagh (BVA) worked on a series of 3D constructed screenprints responding to architecture.

Hemi Hosking’s (BVA) text based screenprints comment on cultural stereotyping.

Investigating the local landscape was important to Jahn Morris-Hill (BVA) using deconstructed screenpint and plein air techniques.

Brittany Sleight (BVA) employed digital collage to convey her transparent dreamscapes.

Maisie and Dana have gone on to teachers college while Hemi and Jahn are now in the Postgraduate programme at the Dunedin School of Art.

We wish you all well for your future career paths and artistic endeavors.

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