SITE 2018

Congratulations to our graduating students who participated in Dunedin School of Art’s SITE 2018 Kirsty Lewry (BVA Honours), Kipp Richards (BVA), Maisie Robinson (BVA) and to Michaela Joy who completed her BVA this year. You all put a lot of work into your final results and we will miss your busy and colourful studio presence. All the best for your future endeavors!

site studios

Kipp, Kirsty and Maisie’s studio spaces

Kirsty’s work draws on the art of ikebana but instead of flowers she uses vegetables. Her techniques involve digital still life using both the real and printed cutout to question notions of hyperreality. Digital light boxes made using finely crafted cardboard, including one with a moving image (TV screen) background are used to display her works.

Kipp’s practice engages with the historical Constructivist movement and his passion for photographing local modernist architecture. His photographs combine with geometric shapes, layers and colour that are screenprinted or stencilled to produce ‘street style’ works.

Wallpaper and the disruption of scale was the concept that drove Maisie’s project. The two wallpapers she produced at both full size and scaled within a dolls house used everyday objects of a comb and a teacup (a nod to Meret Oppenheim’s fur teacup), creating a surrealist vibe. The multiple full size wallpaper strips cascaded down the wall and onto the floor.

Keeping it hyperreal

Making their mark


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