Impact 10 Print Conference

Encuentro / Encounters, Santander, Spain 1-9 September 2018

Impact Santander

Neil Emmerson, Flight (370), 2018, screenprints on card at CASYC, Santander

Marion Wassenaar, Dream work, 2015 carbon remains of Sigmund Freud’s book ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ in reagent bottle at MUPAC, The Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology, Santander

Marion Wassenaar, Refugio Shelter, 2018, digital text in emergency blanket packet for the mini print exhibition at the lighthouse, Faro Cabo Mayor Art Center.

As well as experiencing the many and varied exhibitions and venues, Marion also presented a paper at the conference. The conference included keynotes by Alicia Candiani, Juan Martínez Moro and Michael Kempson.

Image below from the keynote by Alicia Candiani shows work by Graciela Sacco, Portrait, from the Admissable Tension Series, 2011 – 2013


There was even time to enjoy the sights of Santander with blue skies, beautiful beaches and captivating culture.

Our thanks to Andrea Juan and Gabriel Penedo Diego and their team from SM Pro Art Circle for organising the memorable event.

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