A huge congratulations to our graduating students and we wish you well for your future!

Catherine MacKintosh BVA – Dirty Laundry (2017) investigates the many layers contained within the human psyche through a series of printed figurative illustrations compiled into a fold out book and a drawing direct on the wall.

April Ojala BVA – Still Life series (2017) explores changing views on industrialisation and the use of finite resources through a series of six etchings with a contemporary take on the work of Giorgio Morandi.

Madeline Robberts BVA – PETIT GESTE (2017) explores the assumption that an image can express without fitting into a specific context. Through screenprinting the work responds to non-representational indexical marks.

Jennifer Hopkinson Graduate Diploma – BREXIT (2017) is a text based collection of etchings using layers of multiple plates that deals with the politically driven referendum about the departure of Britain from the European Union.

(text excerpted from artist statements in Yearbook 2017)

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